• Diyarbakir's first and only congress center hotel!
  • Conference and congress halls
  • There is no better place than Demir Hotel for corporate events to be carried out efficiently and purposefully. It is one of the best places to chose for the biggest 1500 people conference hall and 350 person capacity Ballroom, 220 people Restaurant and meeting room, 70 people Firuz meeting room and 16 people VIP meeting rooms, meetings and similar events. And visual equipment. High-speed internet access and a wide range of catering options ensure that professional service is top notch.
  • At the same time, 2200 people can reach the hospitality capacity ...
  • It has a professional team that offers all kinds of assistance to its guests in such areas as organization, event planning and catering. Our team and our field will always be at the forefront with a high standard and priceless service understanding.
  • Demir Hotel; Congress Meeting and Ballrooms
  • Congress Center (1500 seats) The largest congress center in the region
  • Safir Ballroom (350 pax)
  • Safran Restaurant and Meeting Room (220 pax)
  • Firuz Meeting Room (70 pax)
  • VIP Meeting Room (16 people)